Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is a form of oral translation that involves the use of specialised equipment that allows the interpreter to perform the translation along with the speaker, who is not required to pause.

Simultaneous interpreting technology is employed during events that involve a large number of people, (taking place in conference halls or auditoriums), such as conferences, seminars, presentations, etc.

Simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs, frequently changing, which ensures continuity of  the translation.

Specialised equipment includes either a stationary or a folding cabin with the interpreter’s remote control, a signal transmitter, as well as a set of earpieces or portable receivers depending on the number of people requiring a translation.

Simultaneous interpreting can only be performed by highly qualified and specifically trained interpreters. “VES-MIR AGENCY”  provides this service, as well as guaranteeing the highest quality. Furthermore, our employees are punctual and mindful of business etiquette.

The cost of our interpreters’ services depends on the amount of work (hourly wage), type of event, and the need for renting equipment.

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