“VES-MIR” Translation Agency performs written translations regardless of the difficulty level or subject area:

  • legal
  • technical
  • medical
  • literary
  • marketing
  • subtitles for films and video material
  • others

Our qualified specialists produce translations of the highest quality. Each translator specialises in a particular subject area, and is familiar with the required terminology, which ensures accuracy of the finished product.


If you require graphical pagination, we offer pagination services. A pagination specialist will perform all the necessary work with your document.


The amount of translation is determined by the original text, with the exception of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew, in which case it is determined by the Russian translation. A standard page, containing 1800 characters (including spaces), is taken as one unit of translation. Minimum order size is 1 standard page. The average speed of translation is 6-12 standard pages a day, depending on language, as well as difficulty of the subject area.

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